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This is a blog I'm putting together so I can stock, draw from, and just generally dribble over design. I hope to the high gods of graphic design I become inspired by this.

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10 Commandments of Typography

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More or Less

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Nacion Real estate branding

"Nacion is a multi-purpose real-estate development project located in Monterrey, Mexico. With space for apartment homes, offices and stores, Nacion aims to be the ultimate all-in-one community for its residents. Our branding proposal takes that feeling of community and elevates it, creating a tactile sense of belonging, a nationalist pride. We took visual elements and symbols from flags and official governmental papers, such as passports and seals, and simplified and remixed them with bright, fun colors to create a modern look. With this project, we designed with the mentality of creating the identity of a brand new country." by Anagrama


Ask Cards

Jacob Nielsen


Fedrigoni ’25′ Promo Booklet | typetoken®

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Victor Perez

Victor Perez


Gill Sans by Lily Prinsen

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Avalanche es un proyecto experimental de la serigrafía y diseño gráfico. Durante un año, se crearon dos colecciones, ofreciendo múltiples combinaciones de colores y estampados para ordenar en las bolsas algodón y cuadernos.

Avalanche Print est un projet expérimental de sérigraphie et de graphisme. Durant un an, deux collections ont été créées, proposant ainsi de multiples combinaisons de motifs et couleurs imprimées à la commande sur sacs en coton et carnets.

Say What Studio

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1500 Flat Icons Ai | PSD | SVG |PNG.

Made with attention to details and designed to provide you with the ultimate resource for whatever project you would work on. Give a unique and clean feel to your website, prints, infographics or applications using our complete set. 
Royalty-free icons covering the most wanted illustrated elements of graphic design, all icons are set in round containers that have different colors but yet can be changed to fit any color that suits your project.

Download it here:




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